What Will Heaven Be Like

“Heaven – What Will Heaven Be Like?” (John 14:2-4)

Eddie Adams – Pastor, October 15, 2017
Calvary Baptist Church

If you grew up in church you have probably raised
this question. There is the idea that we will just float
on clouds and play harps. Quite honestly that sounds a bit boring.

Today we are going to consider three things about heaven…

Heaven – What Makes Heaven Special

“Heaven – What Makes Heaven Special?” (John 14:2-4)

Eddie Adams – Pastor, October 08, 2017
Calvary Baptist Church
According to the gospel of John, Jesus went to heaven
to prepare a place for those who would follow Him.
Heaven is a prepared place, for a prepared people.
This morning we are going to look at several reasons
that make heaven a special place.


Heaven – When Do We Go There

“Heaven – When Do We Go There?”(Luke 23:43)

Eddie Adams – Pastor, October 01, 2017
Calvary Baptist Church

Today we begin a month long series, “Heaven, What’s Up?”
This series will answer the many questions we have about
eternity and what it has for us in the future.

Today we answer the question; what happens to us at our death…



Archie Griffith – Associate Pastor, September 24, 2017
Calvary Baptist Church
Giving Praise in the storm…

Missing Matters

“Missing Matters” (Luke 15)

Eddie Adams – Pastor, September 10, 2017
Calvary Baptist Church
Only 2% of church members invite an unchurched person to church.
98% of church-goers never extend an invitation in a given year.
62% of the people are not actively looking, but are open to the idea of attending church regularly again.

There are people you know, people you encounter that fall into these categories.
Many are just waiting to be asked by you…