Unlikely . . . 
This past Sunday we had our Kids Ministry Christmas presentation. We still do it the old fashion way; kids dress up like animals, pull out the old bath robes for the wise men and bed sheets for the angels. It is old school, grandparents and families gather to watch and take pictures and we always have a few that “make the play”. It is unlikely that we have any one make a decision to give their life to the Lord from such an event. Unlikely. Sunday was an unlikely Sunday as one of the young adults who was brought by a friend prayed to invite Jesus into her life. Unlikely.
How often do we use our family and friends who are in for the holidays as a reason to not attend. We don’t want to interrupt their visit or make them feel uncomfortable so we conform. I hope we can work on that especially during these holidays. Who knows you just might experience an “unlikely” for them.
See you at the candlelight service this Saturday.

December 24th – Christmas Eve Candlelight Service @ 8 P.M.
December 25th – One Service 11 A.M. –  Noon
January 1st – One Service 11 A.M. – Noon