Lord, Lunatic or Liar…

Lord, Lunatic, or Liar… (Mark 3:13-35)

Eddie Adams – Pastor, November 06, 2016
Part of the Jesus Sermon Series series, preached at Calvary Baptist Church


Jesus sitting with His disciples one day asked the question…
“What are others saying about me?” …”What is the street talk?”

After that he then asked His disciples this question…
“Who do you think I am?”

That is a great question. We know what we want to say.
Others who know us may differ, but ultimately, Jesus knows our heart.

Today we look at three groups who have various opinions.
What matters most is what you think, so who do you think Jesus is…

To Some He Was Lord (Mark 3:13)

  • Jesus calls the 12 disciples
  • Recognize His invitation and accept
  • To those who respond follow with their life
  • They answer the call and make Him Lord

To Some He Was A Lunatic (Mark 3:20-21)

  • Turned His back on security
  • Turned His back on safety
  • Turned His back on opinions
  • Be prepared to be misunderstood
  • They thought he was a lunatic

To Some He Was A Liar (Mark 3:22)

  • Charged He was possessed by a demon
  • Charged His power came from the devil
  • They accused Him of being a liar