God Has A Plan

God Has A Plan (Mark 4:35-41)

Eddie Adams – Senior Pastor
“Jesus Sermon Series”
Preached at Calvary Baptist Church

There is an assurance that comes from believing God has a plan for our life.
I believe God has a plan for everyone’s life.

Today we will look at an event with His disciples where His plan came into play.

There is comfort in knowing that God has gone ahead of us and has a plan for us to live life.

Here are some possibilities of every plan that God has for us…

His Plan May Be Puzzling

  • They left the multitude – Mark 4:36

His Plan Often Includes Problems

  • A great windstorm arose – Mark 4:37

His Plan Comes With His Presence

  • He was in the stern asleep – Mark 4:38

His Plan Demonstrates Power

  • He arose and rebuked the wind… – Mark 4:37

His Plan Always Has A Purpose

  • Why are you so fearful – Mark 4:40
  • How is it you have no faith – Mark 4:40
  • Who can this be – Mark 4:41