Now We Know


Calvary Connection

Now we know what it looks like when our three churches come together. Sunday revealed just exactly that. It was a great day for all.
Thanks to everyone who had a part in this record day for Calvary.
The parking lot did not provide enough parking; had our kids from Children’s Church joined us the auditorium we would not have held everyone.
We were blessed with a new family joining the church; and we had friends and family everywhere. While this day was very special . . . we want to keep moving forward.
The kitchen remodel is nearing completion and just ahead of schedule. We will “break-it-in” with the Fall Festival coming up later this month. I hope you have a great week and will see you this Sunday.



What's Happening



October 21 – Trip to Glen For “The Promise”
October 23 – Pack-A -Pew
October 29 – Fall Festival – 4 PM – 7 PM
October 30 – Just For Jesus Sunday
November 13 – Shoebox Deadline for Operation Christmas Child