How To Neighbor

How To Neighbor (Luke 10:30-37)

Eddie Adams – Senior Pastor
“Jesus Sermon Series”
Preached at Calvary Baptist Church

One of the descriptions of our society is that of a cocoon. We live disconnected and isolated. There is no sign this condition is getting better despite social media and other means. The separation of man is still around even in our crowded world. Today we find our from a familiar story just how to neighbor.


  • Luke 10:30 – fell among thieves
  • Luke 10:10
  • Luke 10:30 – steal, kill, destroy
  • Luke 10:30 – left to die
  • Luke 10:31-32 – ignored by culture


  • Luke 10:33 – had compassion
  • Luke 10:34 – went to him
  • Luke 10:35 – cared for him


  • Let the Holy Spirit touch you
  • Let the Holy Spirit move you
  • Let the Holy Spirit use you
  • Let the Holy Spirit help you give