It is that time of year when things change. School is back in session, football games are back, your child’s schedule is nearly full, and the weather is cooling. [Texans acknowledge a weather change when the temp gets back to the 90’s].
If you look around the church you will notice some changes also. We are enjoying a new sound and video system. This is a much needed upgrade to the quality that we now enjoy. We are in the midst of upgrading and remodeling the Family Life Center kitchen. This too has been needed for some time and we are grateful for everyone who is helping Archie get this done. Hopefully things will get done by October. Many of our classes will begin a new series of studies in September. We will begin a new series for those in the Wednesday night services. The calendar if filling fast with activities for everyone.
With these changes comes the hope that you can join us for all of these. Without you these are nothing more than something we put on the calendar. Your presence gives it life. With God’s hand of blessing on us let’s enjoy His blessings together. See you tonight or this Sunday.